APS Accounting & Stock Control Easy to utilize Accounting and inventory control direct Systems

APS Accounting & Stock Control

APS combines multi currency client/server multilingual accounting and stock control features with a wide range of reports such as general ledger, profit&loss,trial balance and balance sheet and a complete Stock Control features such as Item Card, Vendor Card,Checking Stock,printing invoices and transactions reports also global features such as Visual Account Tree, Visual Items tree,remote/local Backup & Restore option make APS the ideal choice

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Mystro Accounting 2.3: Accounting, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll

Mystro Accounting 2.3

accounting systems. It has General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Inventory, and Fixed Assets. It is bi-lingual (English/Arabic) For complete accounting software packages that are flexible and feature-rich, look no further than mystro Accounting. mystro Accounting is tailored to suit any business type or size, so as a start-up, small, medium or large business, you will find mystro Accounting meets your needs. mystro Accounting

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Ezi Accounting 1.90.08: Ezi Accounting - low cost accounts and invoicing program for business.

Ezi Accounting 1.90.08

Ezi Accounting - low cost easy to use accounts program for small to medium businesses. Simple user interface in English, Spanish, Arabic, French, Portuguese. Accounting functions :- invoicing, debtors control, purchasing, creditors control, double entry accounting, e-mail of invoices, quotes. Currency, tax, setup can be localised for most countries. Import, export data. Integrated help. Free download, 30 day trial.

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ReadWrite Arabic 1.2: Software to learn to read and write the Arabic Alphabet

ReadWrite Arabic 1.2

Arabic - software that teaches you to read and write the Arabic alphabet * Over 700 audio recordings of all Arabic letter pronunciations and examples * Writing animations of all Arabic letters & combinations including final, medial and initail forms * Flashcard review and exercises to aid memorization --- Letters Page The Letters Page introduces each of the Arabic letters with a description of its pronunciation on the right hand side. Each letters

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MIE Accounting Software 1: MIE Accounting Software by MIE Solutions

MIE Accounting Software 1

Accounting System offering a comprehensive array of accounting modules, which include Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Income Statements, Balance Sheets, Invoicing, and Purchasing. With MIE Trak computerized accounting, it becomes much easier to gather, record, analyze, and produce accurate financial data for managerial decisions. MIE Trak Accounting Software is an advanced, full featured and easy to use Accounting System offering

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IPAccounting V1.0: IP accounting software fetches IP accounting data from your Cisco Network Device

IPAccounting V1.0

Accounting Table fetching, IPAccounting also facilitates Network Administrator watch status of interfaces belongs to a Switch/Router. IPAccounting utility is based on SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) accepted across industry for management of computer networks. It supports SNMP v1 and SNMP v2c. Application of IPAccounting --------------------------------- IPAccounting can be a use for different applications. 1. Fetching IP-Accounting table

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Small Business Accounting Software 1.0: Download accounting and bookkeeping software for window deskop support software

Small Business Accounting Software 1.0

accounting practices. To stay in business and succeed as a small business owner, you need the functions found in accounting software program Accounting software can help you to organise and manage your complete accounting process. It should save you time, provide you with management information to make decisions and potentially save you accountancy fees. Finding the right accounting software package however needs careful thought to ensure you get

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Accounting Software Application records entire business income expense, profit loss details

Accounting Software

Accounting Software which effectively manages business transaction of your organization in few simple steps. Award winning business accounting Software is facilitated with advanced features of preparing voucher entries including sale and purchase, receipt voucher, debit credit note, payment voucher etc. Accounting Software is professional way to manage record of business accounting details including stock, item, account, taxation along with generating

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Call Accounting Mate Call Accounting Mate is a browser SQL based call accounting software package

Call Accounting Mate

Accounting Mate is a powerful browser based call accounting software package that is compatible with SIP, IP, PBX and other telephone systems. Call Accounting Mate offers a built-in Webserver, SQL database, flexible reporting and automated scheduler. The application can run in your browser! Call Accounting Mate can monitor telephone usage, reduce misuse and allocate cost to increase productivity. Call Accounting Mate includes more than 30 built-in

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Advanced Accounting 7 Powered by CAS 7.5: Advanced Accounting 7 Powered By CAS Easy to use open source code avalible.

Advanced Accounting 7 Powered by CAS 7.5

Accounting 7 provides you with the features to handle your present accounting needs and the flexibility to accommodate your company`s future growth. Advanced Accounting 7 is a complete double entry, accrual-based accounting system by itself, but it also is part of a integrated family of Computer Accounting Solutions products designed to improve your productivity. These products let you grow with your Advanced Accounting 7 system. Featuring G/L, A

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